1. Don’t let anyone fool you, This Book Is A Rape Manual
I heard a lot of people telling me that I was taking some of those quotes out of context or that “JEEZE when he said take your dick out she was already making out with you!” Well, fuck you. Because acquaintence rape is a real thing. Because a girl kissing you or letting you do SOMETHING does not mean you get to do ANYTHING. And by creating a book whose leitmotif (YEAH FUCK YOU PRETENSION I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL FOR A FEW MONTHS) is “be aggressive, and do what you want because women like that,” you are telling people to rape. Not everyone who’s going to read the book is going to be a rapist, but I promise you - someone who read this book will rape someone. And they might not even know they did it, because you told them the woman wanted it that way, you human nightmare. The whole thing is a boiling cauldron of rape culture, and you are not going to convince me otherwise any more than you could convince me the sun has been replaced by a bran muffin.

Source: Casey Malone

The book Casey refers to is a Kickstarter project to fund a book that can teach nerds to pick up women. There’s no emotional aspect to this, just how to get your end away.

To get an idea of some of the dangerous content read Casey’s other post – This Is Not Fucking Harmless.

I honestly didn’t understand the cries about a “rape culture” existing but given my recent reading of the Everyday Sexism Project’s tweets and yesterday’s article by Colette Browne I am flabbergasted. I honestly didn’t know a world like this existed to the extent that it does.

I don’t know anything about the current sex education curriculum in Ireland. Is it still the case that there isn’t any? We need to educate our youth about this, it’s important.

Update 10:45am Immediately after posting this I read a Guardian article about Serena Williams comments regarding the Steubenville rape. Everyone needs to be (re-)educated.