Am I disappointed Sterling has left Liverpool?

Of course I am. He’s already an excellent footballer (despite some recent revisionism) and has plenty of potential to still unlock.

Am I disappointed he’s joining Manchester City?

I am. As with most players who leave the club, I don’t want to see them playing against Liverpool. I did make an exception for Fowler, when I went to the home game against Manchester City, as I hadn’t seen him playing in the flesh. Unfortunately he didn’t turn out that day.

A move abroad would have been a preferable option for me, but it is what it is. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do next season. It’s going to be interesting to see the path his career takes from here.

What do I make of how the transfer went through?

Look, there are plenty of people commenting on what happened, and none of them really know what has happened. They are not privy to the private conversations between Sterling and Ward (his agent), and they have no idea what was said during the discussions between Rodgers and the board.

I’d have preferred if it was done in a quieter manner. There’s no need to do unsanctioned interviews, and there’s no need to leak stories to the press. Just sort it out properly and with maturity.

It’s interesting that Berahino has sacked Ward as his agent. Berahino was another player who participated in a dodgy interview, and I don’t think it’s a conincidence that the same agent was involved.

It’s done now though so move along.

Is Sterling worth £49m?

Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Manchester City have parted with an awful lot of money, so they must think he’s worth it.

Trying to logically apply worth to a players transfer fee is not a sensible task I think. History will judge the worthiness of all players.

Are Liverpool a selling club?

Gah! This talk does my head in. All football clubs are selling clubs. There are less buying clubs, especially at the top end of the market. It’s lazy and childish to jump on these efforts to troll.

Anything else on the matter?

Nah, I’ve enough said.