1. beep beep zoom zoom

    I’m oh so important how do you not know
    Why oh why must you drive so slow
    Open your eyes! are you asleep?
    Come on move beep-beep beep-beep!

    I’m finished work and I’m in a hurry
    This ten second delay is making me worry
    Another obstruction to me getting home
    No need to indicate zoom-zoom zoom-zoom!

    A single pedestrian walking too slow,
    A child on her bike in the contra-flow,
    A Granny and Grandad getting off the bus,
    Invading my road, causing this fuss.

    We need more rules, we must stop being so lax,
    I pay my insurance, I pay my ROAD TAX*,
    I’ll beep and make fists and imagine a fight
    When my private car is being denied it’s rights.

    There’s not enough parking, there’s way too much traffic,
    I’ll leave it here on the path, free parking like magic.
    Two fingers to double buggies and those wheelchairs can’t pass,
    If I don’t leave it here, shur I’ll be too late for mass.

    This war on my car, and those fifteen minute cities,
    Politicians so selfish, on news seeking pity,
    This bloody car culture, and the SUV plague,
    ‘tis enough to drive us to our early graves.

    * nobody pays road tax

  2. september rain

    Light diffused a hazy firmament,
    Tight confused a humid temperament.

    A drop, a mist, a thundersome roar,
    It’s soft, it’s hard, a loud drum downpour.

    We scuttle, we cower, while heavens flow free,
    Umbrellas, tight raincoats, neath foliaged tree.

    And when the fresh patter is with us no more,
    We’re left to savour that sweet petrichor.

  3. hate #007


    Look at meee.

  4. scared

    Enveloped wrapped in deepest dark
    Knees curled womb like nervous tight.
    Future visions in waves descend
    Shrouded gloom clouded stark in flames.

    The hole it shows,
    the chasm grows,
    no fence no rope,
    no peace no hope.

  5. hate #006