1. hate #003


  2. hate #002

    Inordinate baby wipe usage.

  3. hate #001

    When people leave their car running while parked.

  4. project binky

    Project Binky - a Mini project car that has been worked on for eight years and is nearing completion.

    Well, I say nearly completed, but with the B.O.M. crew you just can’t tell. There could be a delay for another anodized custom bracket with captive nuts, or an overdose of funk, or maybe another cuppa to add to the gargantuan volume of tea that has been consumed during the project.

    If you like creative problem solving, attention to detail, skilled craftspeople, and the a bit of good natured innuendo then this is probably a show you’ll enjoy.

  5. booming opinion

    Booming Opinion – from an individual with multiple social media accounts, who places undue weight upon their words. Words that are uttered too often, covering too many subjects, and carrying the facade of diligent expert research to disguse bluster.

    A slave to social media numbers, and considers these numbers as a public declaration of their importance on this rock.

    Reads tweet about the macro economic forecasts and trends due to Brexit: declares with much certainty this position, despite having never studied economics in any level of detail, let alone being able to comprehend the complexities of multi-national trade agreements.

    Sees a Facebook post from a country they are not living in, but relates to their own profession: tells this stranger how very wrong they are, regardless of the differences between the two countries and how that profession exists within.

    Overhears a factual opinion with a smattering of wit: takes ownership of said opinion and plagarises for ego-gain.

    Hears the song “You’re so vain”: actually believes the song is about them.