1. september rain

    Light diffused a hazy firmament,
    Tight confused a humid temperament.

    A drop, a mist, a thundersome roar,
    It’s soft, it’s hard, a loud drum downpour.

    We scuttle, we cower, while heavens flow free,
    Umbrellas, tight raincoats, neath foliaged tree.

    And when the fresh patter is with us no more,
    We’re left to savour that sweet petrichor.

  2. hate #007


    Look at meee.

  3. scared

    Enveloped wrapped in deepest dark
    Knees curled womb like nervous tight.
    Future visions in waves descend
    Shrouded gloom clouded stark in flames.

    The hole it shows,
    the chasm grows,
    no fence no rope,
    no peace no hope.

  4. hate #006



  5. hate #005

    Exhorbitant consumerism and the social media voyuerist haul celebrations.

    We are eating the world.