A photo of Pedro

Pedro by Clément Bucco-Lechat / CC-BY-SA-3.0

When Pedro signed a new contract with Barcelona in April, Barcelona reported his buyout clause would remain at 150 million euro. Now it seems that’s not the case.

I was a bit disappointed at the size of the release clause, because I thought with Suarez after going from Liverpool to Barcelona last season, that there may be a very slim hope of Pedro going in the opposite direction this season.

Pedro has so many qualities as a player, but he’s been at Barcelona during the clubs most successful period, when they’ve been well stocked with superstar forwards. As a result, Pedro hasn’t been able to establish himself as a regular starter, but he has scored some important goals for the club and has a record of scoring a goal every three and bit games. Not too shabby at all.

He’s left-footed, hard working, and has wonderful technique.

The rumours of him joining Manchester United have gathered momentum, and it’ll break a little bit of my heart if it goes through. If he does sign for them, I predict he’ll have a massive season.

If the rumoured fee of 32 million euro is correct, then I’ll be doing a hell of a lot of head shaking, especially if Liverpool spend the guts of 47 million euro on Benteke.