Worrying about the children of today is something each generation goes through. ”Back in my day“ and other such bollocksology suggest that we know better than our parents, and their parents, and all the other parents that have ever existed on this planet. We’re special, we know more, we’re fucking awesome.

The sooner people realise that we’re not any of those things then we might set a better example for our children. My mantra of ”Doing is better than saying“ applies here.

Of course, it’s not you I’m talking about. After all, you’re not a ”knacker“, a ”scumbag“, or a ”scobie“ (neither am I sure). I’m sure you’re a respectable parent, who loves their children very much, and in general are a decent sort (of course I am).

Do you park like an arsehole when you go to collect your child from school? Do you skip queues? Do you break the speed limit? Do you just park your car wherever the fuck you like? Do you talk when others are performing? Do you answer questions like these with ”But…“?

If you do then the alarm bells should be ringing. You’re not all that.

It all comes back to respect. If you think you’re more important that anyone else, then that will trickle down to your children and they might have the misfortune of turning out like you (or me but I’m great so that’s alright).