The Airfix Red Arrows Hawk 50th Display Season kit is another nice kit that’s easy to make. Myself and my son put this one together.

Again we went with a custom paint job, using Halford’s paint we had to hand, and applied the decals to our own tastes. We’re called it the Silver Arrow for obvious reasons.

I applied a couple of layers of clear coat too, but for some reason this seemed to bubble some of the decals.

We’re happy with the results. I’ve been told the next paint job should glow in the dark. We’ll see what happens on that front.

A photo of the cockpit from the side.
A photo of the Hawk from the side.
A photo of the Hawk from directly overhead.
A close-up photo of one of the wings.
A head-on photo of the Hawk.
A photo of the underside of the Hawk.