Greedy Gem sat down to lunch
His mouth wide open ready to munch.
He wasn’t fussed about what he ate
He thought everything simply tasted great.

His Mum was sick of his greedy ways
And thought up a plan to make him pay.
The meat she put upon his plate
Was six months past it’s sell-by date.

Gem didn’t care he wolfed it down
The King of Food without a crown.
His stomach full his eyes grew heavy
His forehead and his hands got sweaty.

“What’s going on?” Mum heard him mumble
He rubbed his tummy as it rumbled.
It danced and jumped and swirled around
It made a marvelous whizzing sound.

Then all went quiet inside his tum
But it had moved down towards his bum.
He ran as fast as his legs would go
Down the hall and towards his throne.

“Oh no!” he groaned, he was too late
The rotten meat had sealed his fate.
When just inside the bathroom door
Poor Gem he pooped upon the floor.

It happened fast it was so violent
Then all at once his butt fell silent.
He took a step then slipped and fell
More Poopy Pete than Greedy Gem.

Let this be a lesson for the greedy ones
Who want to stuff and stuff their tums.
Just eat enough and take it handy
And then you’ll be just fine and dandy.