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I bought a set of See.Sense ICON+ lights last year. They were an investment to help keep me that bit safer on the road.

After a few months the front light stopped working and I noticed it had some water ingress.

The next morning I popped an email off to See.Sense customer support describing the problem, and I loved their response:

Sorry to hear about that, I’m sure that would have been frustrating especially given this time of year when you need the lights most!

I can issue a replacement ICON+ Front out today

No bullshit. A straight up apology, and an action to remedy the issue.

The following day a replacement was in the post. As simple as that. No photos of the damage, no questions, no hassle.

They did ask me to return the damaged light, and to send them a photo of the receipt. They’d refund up to £10 of postage costs.

Four days after my original email the new front light arrived. Now, I’m a bit of a tool when it comes to putting jobs on the long finger. I’d had a busy week but it was almost three months later before I posted back the faulty unit.

There was again no quibble from See.Sense. I sent a photo of the receipt, and when See.Sense received the unit they refunded my postage costs.

I was blown away by the customer support experience. This is how it should be done.