“He’s been, he’s been” the kids they scream
And thunder down the stairs
The piles of gifts beneath the tree are
Answered toyish prayers.

First to find a box of joy
Was Alice tall and proud
She squealed and squawked and jumped about
Her happiness so loud.
But Alice wasn’t well behaved
She wasn’t good as gold
Because she’d been so mean to Poppy
She got a lump of coal.

Then Poppy found a gift so big
It made her look real small
She was ripping paper off off off
Her gift it was so tall.
And when she’d done she found a house
That was her hearts desire
A kitchen and a bedroom
And a crackling log fire.

“That’s not fair” Alice whined
“The coal I got is bull!”
“Why did Santa give this worm
a house so wonderful?”
Santa watched from far away
He magiced up a letter
It appeared to Alice then
And covered her in glitter.

“Dear Alice please take heed
of this Christmas Day warning.
Be nice to Poppy and your friends
And be joyful every morning.
I know you have the power within
To change things for the better
And I know you’ll do your best
After reading this very letter.”

Alice sat and pondered this
She was quiet for a long hour
A twinkle in her eye and smirk
Proved her mood it was still sour
She stole all of the Christmas gifts,
and stuffed them in a rocket
Then she fired them into outer space
Which sent them into orbit.

Poppy cried, and Daddy raged
And Mum she stood agog
Her little girl, her darling child
Had done something so wrong.
Alice turned and tossed her hair
A successful vengeful mission
She walked off then without a care
And became a politician.