There’s a time to talk, and a time to listen. If in doubt, listen. Asking a question is not talking, it’s preparation to listen.

With everything going on in the world, our country, own community, our family, and our home, I find it overwhelming to make sense of it all. There is so much information, real and otherwise, being distributed at breakneck speed, this revelation is… well, it’s hardly a revelation at all.

This abudance of information, means I am now talking less and listening more. I want to know something before I talk about it with any certainty.

The clarity some people seem to have achieved, and the conviction they have in what they believe, about extremely complex topics, amazes me.

Taking Covid-19 as the subject, I really can’t speak with any certainty about things at all. I can talk about how it’s affected my life, and I can offer perspective. I can critise a decision, but I’m doing so without the knowledge of how that decision was reached. Therefore, I sit on the fence a lot of the time, thinking, not talking.

Why do we tend to come to the conclusion that those who govern us wish all of us harm, regardless of their politics? They can’t all be bad people can they?

Maybe there’s a finite number of things that I can be clear about. Maybe I should concentrate on those and those alone.

Of course, this make the selection of these things important.

For now, I’m uncomfortable but content to keep listening.