Go up, go up, go up somemore.
Go up, go up, go up and soar.
Higher than you’ve ever been,
To see some things you’ve never seen.

Look down, look down, right there you see!
A grey white giant floating fancy-free.
It twists-wisps-curls, as it changes shape
Now it’s an elephant, mouth agape.

A great big ship with a huge main sail,
A flock of geese, and a big blue whale,
A chimney stack spewing thick grey smoke,
But no sign of any fire to stoke,
A prancing horse, a rocket ship,
A parachute with a great big rip!
You think “That’s it, there’ll be no more”
Wow! “Look a massive dinosaur”.

Come back, come back, come back to home,
Look up at the sky, and see them all roam.
These fluffy wonders of white and grey,
The sky giants coming out to play.