This morning’s weather, wet and wild, helped me make up my mind on whether to go out for an early spin.

Weather rarely bothers me, in fact I get a kick out of venturing out in dirty weather. However, this morning I wasn’t in the mood for dealing with it all.

My patience paid off and by the afternoon I was greeted by blue skies and bright sunshine.

I had a two hour session ahead, a fifteen minute warm-up, one hour thirty of moderate effort, and a warm-down. It would have been easier if I made sure to stick my pump up my jersey. One return to base later I was back on track.

Apart from a fairly strong crosswind it was a decent spin. I did my warm down with the two childer, doing laps in the front yard for about twenty minutes.

Two rest days ahead.

Oh, I almost forgot, TOTD (Tool Of The Day) goes to the genius who almost clipped me when overtaking into oncoming traffic near the Ballyragget/Comer roundabout. Bonus Toolage as he was carrying a road bike on a rack.