Top up the drum fill it brim it
Contain the volume prevent the overflow
Vibration elation ripples abound
Micro thundering toward the horizon


Following on from my doing > saying mantra, I think there is room for some refinement.

Rather than placing so much pressure on ourselves to do things, and being paralysed by the fear that we may not be able to achieve them, I think we should concentrate on simply trying.

Try new food, try to learn a new skill, try to get fit, try to be healthy, try to be less angry, and so on.

One of many things I am trying is to write more, hence the daily frequency here. I am trying to cultivate a habit of writing. The quantity and the quality are not important to me, the frequency and regularity is.

I am hoping that the increased frequency will aid future quality. The chances of my writing improving are proportional to how often I write.