1. leaves

    The gusts of October tickle the trees
    And down they come those fluttering leaves.

    The spindely ash, the sycamore yellow
    The dry crunchy beech, all jumbled up fellows.

    The cascade of colours that tumble down
    Lay one upon other deep upon ground.

    This wonderful colourful autumnal scene
    The prequel to rebirth of vibrant spring green.

  2. happy

    Photo of a gridded page with HAPPY written in ink.
  3. hear

    I cannot say to any person what I hear….I cannot say it to myself….It is very wonderful.

    Walt Whitman

  4. pop tree

    A heavily colourised copper beach tree, and a pale blue sky.
  5. weather

    “It was a lovely day.”

    “It was a desperate day.”

    I don’t give a fudge about the weather. Why? Because I’m very grateful to live in a place where we don’t suffer from, major flooding (Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, United States), tornados (United States, Canada, Bangladesh), hurricanes (United States, Cuba, China), wild fires (United States, Indonesia, Australia, Portugal), or severe drought (Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan).

    Instead we have soft rain, fresh/grand/mild/close days. Sometimes there’s a chill in it, or there’s a bitter northerly wind. Some days it’s rotten out. We have drizzle, we have sun splitting the stones, we have some days when it’s lashing agus lá breá ann.

    Get a waterproof hat, and jacket, and pants, and shoes/boots. Get out and enjoy it. Enjoy the sounds and smells of the rain. Feel life.

    Less whinging, more living.