Lady luck was sitting on my shoulder recently when I won a Kindle 3. Like a new parent worrying about all the awful mishaps that could befall my child, I immediately started looking at cases to provide some protection for the svelte device.

I narrowed the choices down to an Otterbox or a DODOcase.

When it comes to wrapping up electronics in a protective outer-garment I usually chose protection over aesthetics. In this case though I’ve decided to plump for a DODOcase.

Sensible John is saying “Cop on lad will ya!”, but book-lover John doesn’t want to make reading a cold robotic experience. By using a DODOcase I am introducing a level of warmth that will hopefully allow me to better connect with my reading.

Another reason for this choice is the fact that DODOcases are handmade. I’m a great admirer of craftsmanship, and a handmade cover like this, appeals to me. I know that each time I pick it up, my hands will appreciate this fact.