Ireland started their 2010 6 Nations campaign with a 29-11 win over Italy. A poor game to watch, but as is the nature of games against Italy, because they slow the game down, they are rarely wonderful rugby spectacles.

There were some pluses like Paddy Wallace’s impact from the bench. He looked like a creative spark on an otherwise dull day. Earls too added some much needed energy. It’s amazing that we have such a strong bench nowadays, even taking our injuries into consideration.

The back row was pretty quite today, which says a lot for the how Italy controlled the type of game. Cullen and O’Connell were very good in the lineout, but about the park O’Connell always makes more of an impact when O’Callaghan is on his shoulder.

O’Leary is still caught behind the ruck too often, he needs to get himself clear quicker. O’Gara had a great day with the boot, and his pass to Trimble in the first half was just peachy.

It’s a pity D’Arcy didn’t get a chance to show more, but with the ball flying over and back above his head that was never going to happen.

A win is a win, roll on Paris.