The bragging rights are coloured red on Merseyside tonight, as Liverpool beat Everton 1-0.

Dirk “He-man” Kuyt continued his good scoring run, and turned in another all-action display. He continues to confound his critics, with his never-ending enthusiasm and knack for goals in big games.

I think the signing of Maxi was a great move, and it is no coincidence that Monster is starting to raise his game. Here’s hoping his improvement continues.

Update: Forgot to comment on the referee’s performance. I think any tackle with two feet off the ground (even if you don’t connect) is a straight red, so I’ve no issue with Soto’s sending off. Fellaini went in over the ball, with every intent on injuring Soto, and it was without a doubt a straight red too.

Worse tackle of the match was Pienaar though, and Monster was lucky to escape so lightly (as was Pienaar!).

I’d closely follow that with Fellaini making sure he connected with Kuyt’s head after Kuyt had already been fouled.

Glad everyone made it through the match okay though, what would a derby be without passion (we see enough of them in London every year).