If we have spoken about the media and sport you’ll know my opinions on how I believe the they like to manipulate public opinion on certain people.

I could start listing some examples of this, but to do so I would have to name names, and that would create a link to a team, and that would trigger people to seek consonance between their moral expectations and club-affiliated reality.

Lennon’s Eyebrow wrote a thought-provoking piece titled “Throwing stones in glass houses: On villainy, outrage, and fandom” that covers a lot of ground (and names some names).

I am a harsh critic of sports media, but it’s not just the professionals who irk me. Media like Twitter and Facebook provide people with a platform to publicly air their opinions, and other like-minded people retweet, like, and agree with each other until the muddled partisan generally senseless crescendo. If you support a different team, and have a different opinion, you are deluded.

Talking about a game was something I used enjoy, but now not so much, as media influenced opinions wash over the conversation with devastating sense-cleansing effect.