Pat Phelan asked whether check-in is over?

The check-ins which most people are familiar with are associated with hotels and airports.

Applications like Foursquare or Gowalla allow people to check-in anywhere, and share the fact with whoever they want. There is a game aspect also, with points and badges being awarded for checking-in.

One of the most common check-ins I see on Twitter is people checking into their homes, with ultra witty names like Chez Smith, Smith HQ, and Smith Towers.

These hold as much interest to me as conference, supermarket and shopping centre check-ins.

It really is a case of…SQUIRREL.

I’m very much a fence-sitter when it comes to declaring the future of web technologies. I don’t like Facebook, yet millions of people do. A couple of years ago I would have been tempted to say Facebook was over (if forced to make such a declaration). To do so would have proven foolish, but if I had said the same about Bebo would that be the case?

I’ll answer “is check-in over?” when IE6 is over.