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  1. Weekly Round-up 2018.41

    The Return of United Pixelworkers

    We missed the community. We missed designing products for ourselves. We missed that killer Aaron Draplin-designed logo. UP is what put us on the proverbial map, and has been more responsible for our success than any other single thing we’ve ever done as a company since 2009. We knew we couldn’t allow it to stay dormant forever.


    For each t-shirt, pin, notebook, or other item that you purchase, 10% of our gross revenue will go to an industry-related organization in need.

    Double \o/

    The Scullabogue Memorial

    I took a diversion through Old Ross where I observed a signpost pointing towards the ‘Scullabogue Memorial’. This was, as far as I could see, the only signpost on any public road to an especially significant and poignant memorial. Yet, after two hours of driving around the rural hinterland of New Ross, my wife and I still could not find the memorial

    This was my first time to hear about the Scullabogue Massacre and boy was it horrific.

    during the 1798 rebellion when some insurgents massacred up to 200 noncombatant men, women and children, most of whom were Protestant, held prisoner in a barn which was then set alight.

    A friend of mine then shared some links with me of Bagenal Harvey and Pitchcapping. I still know very little about the 1798 rebellion but these boosted my knowledge this past week.

    Optical Illusion

    Old Comics on Instagram

    I’ve a small collection of old comics and magazines, and I’ll be sharing some panels and covers on oldcomics.

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    Charley’s War – Eagle 23rd Dec 1989

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    Restoring Old Paintings

    Baumgartner Restoration is a second-generation art conservation studio in Chicago. Follow Julian as he completely restores a damaged painting.

    Can’t Postpone I’m Pregnant

    Sophie Power didn’t race UTMB, a 105-mile trail race around Mont Blanc, just three months after giving birth to her son Cormac because she wanted to make a point to the world. She raced UTMB because she wasn’t prepared to give up on a dream she’d been chasing for four years. “Yes, if I could have deferred that place I absolutely would have done so,” says Sophie. “I had my place in 2014 and I lost that because I was pregnant and I couldn’t defer it. I tried to get in to race CCC [a 63-mile race that is part of the UTMB running festival] in 2015, and then in 2016 and 2017 I tried for UTMB. I missed out two years in a row, which means you get your automatic place in 2018,” explains Sophie. “I knew that it would be a long time before I got another place.”

    In 2018, it’s almost unbelievable that athletes can get race deferral for an injury but not pregnancy. Almost, but not quite, because it happens all the time.

    UTMB is one of the most famous ultra-distance races in the world, and it should lead by example here and allow pregnant women to defer. Sophie Power you are amazing 👏

  2. Weekly Round-up 2018.40

    Have Ferrari been bending the rules?

    "Our battery layout, it’s quite complex, so we agreed with the request that we had from the FIA to work together with them and to facilitate their work, we add a second sensor.

    But it doesn’t change in any case the performance of our car."

    Despite their denials it sure looks that way, as the new FIA sensor might have forced their hand to turn-off rule bending software.

    Robotic limbs for mobile devices.

    "In real-life communication, we use touch to communicate emotions with others. However, current technology doesn’t use touch as an information channel. This project is just one approach for how we can receive a remote touch. Another aspect of this work is the relationship we are building with our mobile devices."

    My first app – a phone that can flip me off :)

    Car carrying combustible crowds crazed by Krispy Kreme.

    " For some reason, introducing any stimulant like this one into Irish society is like introducing a packet of Mentos into a recently shaken up bottle of Diet Coke. We shake violently. We rupture. We convulse, as a people. It’s a mess."

    I loved this article by Carl Kinsella on the car-park craziness in Blanch recently, all due to the fact that a 24 hour donut drive-thru opened.

    Teeny tiny Chinese chips used to hack U.S. companies.

    "Nested on the servers’ motherboards, the testers found a tiny microchip, not much bigger than a grain of rice, that wasn’t part of the boards’ original design. … investigators determined that the chips allowed the attackers to create a stealth doorway into any network that included the altered machines"

    Industrial espionage stories although in many cases terrifying, are also pretty cool to read about.

    Moths observed drinking the tears of sleeping birds

    "moths gently insert their straw-like proboscis into the eyes of their unwary hosts, sucking out the nutrient-laden tears. Scientists have watched moths drink the tears from various mammals, and even reptiles like turtles and crocodiles. But on birds, not so much."

    Nature continually reminds me how awesome it is.

    Movie Magic