1. Cycle for Carolyn

    A friend of mine was in need of a litle help. Unsure what to do, I climbed on my bike and went for a long cycle around Ireland with the support of my family.

    Read on to find out about the journey, the places we travelled through, some of the laughs we had along the way, and most importantly, why we undertook this adventure.

  2. Lies

    Grey skies and a solemn season,
    Within the time of mirth and cheer,
    No smiles or at best fleeting,
    Grief behind the lids shut tight.

    But not that type of this I see,
    A smorgasbord of wicked deceit,
    A web of layers intricate,
    A goal so clear the message dear.

    A cunning devil in plain sight hides,
    Plotting and planning in broad moonlight,
    Stirring, pothing, ingrained evil,
    Bred not born and heightened toll.

    Forgiveness cannot be gifted now,
    The steps past sane in thousands count,
    Down the path to unknown consequence,
    Alone on that route the bitch descends.

  3. Dizolve Laundry Detergent

    A photo of the Dizolve fragrance free laundry detergent package.

    I recently discovered Dizolve laundry detergent which looked like a really interesting product. I mean look, it’s:

    • readily biodegradable
    • safe for septics
    • hypoallergenic
    • phosphate-free
    • free of added dyes
    • free of chlorine bleach
    • free of 1,4-dioxane
    • paraben-free
    • got vegan ingredients, no animal testing

    It’s physical form is pretty cool too. Most laundry detergents in Ireland are in powder or liquid form. Dizolve uses paper-like strips. This means it’s simple to measure the amount you use.

    They suggest one strip for one load, but you can gauge yourself how much you need depending on the type of load. For example, a heavily soiled load might take two strips, or for a half-load or a handwash you could use half a strip.

    The one downside I’ve experienced is that the strips have to be torn into small pieces for use in a front-loader (the most common type of washing machine in Ireland). If you’re using a top-loader, you can just drop the strips into the machine whole, and you’re done. It’s a minor issue, but worth noting if you’re the easily frustrated type.

    A photo of a hand putting strips of Dizolve into a front-loader and a top-loader washing machine

    I’ve used the strips in a few loads now and results have been good. I did a normal load (approx. 6kg) with a single strip and there clothes came out clean. I used a single strip on a white load at 30°C and the soles of some socks weren’t brilliant white. Next time, I’ll bump the temperature to 40°C and see what happens. I’ve seen similar results from my Method detergent, so I’m not writing it off just yet.

    I’ve ordered a packet of Fresh Linen, so the clothes smell clean too. I’ll be back with an update after I’ve used them a few times.

  4. Araya via Jimmy by Fellow

    A story about a bike I bought from a family friend, that served me well for many years.

    It was then neglected for about twenty years, and exposed to the elements, so I brought it to a man in Belfast who renovated it to a state similar to it’s former glory.