1. peach

    I blundered into Peach by D.H. Lawrence today. The opening shone smiles upon my face.

    Would you like to throw a stone at me?
    Here, take all that’s left of my peach.

    Peach – D.H. Lawrence

  2. aphyllous

    destitute of foliage leaves


    (of plants) having no leaves


    A new way for me to describe a naked tree.

  3. sky giants

    Go up, go up, go up somemore.
    Go up, go up, go up and soar.
    Higher than you’ve ever been,
    To see some things you’ve never seen.

    Look down, look down, right there you see!
    A grey white giant floating fancy-free.
    It twists-wisps-curls, as it changes shape
    Now it’s an elephant, mouth agape.

    A great big ship with a huge main sail,
    A flock of geese, and a big blue whale,
    A chimney stack spewing thick grey smoke,
    But no sign of any fire to stoke,
    A prancing horse, a rocket ship,
    A parachute with a great big rip!
    You think “That’s it, there’ll be no more”
    Wow! “Look a massive dinosaur”.

    Come back, come back, come back to home,
    Look up at the sky, and see them all roam.
    These fluffy wonders of white and grey,
    The sky giants coming out to play.

  4. ella wheeler wilcox

    I came across Ella Wheeler Wilcox today. I love her Solitude I find it’s in time with my natural rhythm. I feel like she wrote it for me.

    Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
    Weep, and you weep alone;
    For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
    But has trouble enough of its own.

    Solitude – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Then in No Classes she hits the nail on the head again. Particulary apt given the homeless crisis in Ireland. Where our land-owners, landlords, and developer beaus sneer at the have nots. Not by voice alone, but also by action. Are these the importuning mendicants she refers to?

    No classes here! Why, that is idle talk.
    The village beau sneers at the country boor;
    The importuning mendicants who walk
    Our cites’ streets despise the parish poor.

    No Classes – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  5. no till

    I just wanted to share a good example of no till planting (also known as direct drilling). Even at the most basic visual level, it’s so less destructive than ploughing. The fact that it benefits soil health confirms what the eyes see.