1. Running Awareness

    I do a fair bit of running around the streets of Kilkenny, and I have a few little things I’m aware of that I try to keep in mind when doing so. Read on to see my top tips for urban running.
  2. Dangerous Driving Penalties

    I believe, that in general, the burden of responsibility for injuries caused by dangerous driving needs to be weighted towards the drivers of the automobiles, not towards vunerable road users.

    While I dream of legislation to facilitate this, maybe we can we educate drivers to improve behaviour, or maybe we should inconvience the bejaysus out of them.


  3. Worse Than Ignorance

    It’s okay to be ignorant. Accept that as position to learn from. Ignoring something or outright denying it even though you know it’s true is not okay. It’s a coward’s position.

    I take the examples of global warming deniers, and gun rights advocates, as two untenable positions to take, given the evidence we have.

  4. One step

    The day isn’t always welcomed by the sun
    Sometimes it’s cloud and sideways swiping rain
    Your face not always basked by warm suns glow
    Sometimes it’s cold expands the crevasses of age and pain.

    Though crest is hidden by crag or growth
    The hills end naer moves futher from your grasp
    The minds eye drifts to times and faces past
    All futures lost to mental resignation of fate.

    From one small spark a mammoth wildfire spreads
    The gift of stubbornness oxygen to that flame
    Ignites the heart and beats within your chest
    One step and start it all again.

  5. Me Me Me Me

    To butcher Creep by wise Radiohead
    Can express the things you’ve never said
    To love oneself so much is quite an obsession
    You wish you were an angel who was so fuckin’ special.

    Instead you’re a cliché, a spectacular one
    Surrounded by strangers, and trappings, such fun
    Searching out something so precious a life
    A trail left behind of carnage and strife.

    Why won’t people just let you live as you want?
    The only real answers to that are so blunt
    Yet still you don’t listen you want to be free!
    “It’s all about me, me, me, me, me, ME!”