# Poem

  1. Lies

    Grey skies and a solemn season,
    Within the time of mirth and cheer,
    No smiles or at best fleeting,
    Grief behind the lids shut tight.

    But not that type of this I see,
    A smorgasbord of wicked deceit,
    A web of layers intricate,
    A goal so clear the message dear.

    A cunning devil in plain sight hides,
    Plotting and planning in broad moonlight,
    Stirring, pothing, ingrained evil,
    Bred not born and heightened toll.

    Forgiveness cannot be gifted now,
    The steps past sane in thousands count,
    Down the path to unknown consequence,
    Alone on that route the bitch descends.

  2. Setup

    Silence, silence, steely stares swift,
    Skips standing still, shaking, suffering,
    Silence, silence, shifting silent sounds,
    Shuttered, stammered, stilted, sly sickly scowl.

  3. Monday – Orange Glow

    We could be living
    Like we lived when we were younger

  4. Sunday – Next is Always There

    Wrapped up cosy
    In it’s little pink onesie
    I really really love
    My little baby bunny

    So small and so cute
    So soft and so cuddly
    I really really love
    My little baby bunny

  5. Saturday – Getting Enough

    Art stands alone from the artist