# Poem

  1. Bounce Party

    Ya jumpin’ around, ya jumpin’ loud
    Ya jumpin’ so high ya head’s in the clouds
    Bouncin’ big and small, and climbin’ dem walls
    And slippin’ down slides laughin’ tumblin’ falls

    Bounce get off the ground
    Bounce get off the ground
    Bounce get off the ground
    Everybody bounce get off the ground

    Stuff ya face with cake, no cream thats fake
    Cola bottles monster munch and jelly snakes
    Fizz zee drinks, to wash it all down
    Little feet floatin’ not touchin’ the ground

    Bounce when ya stuff ya face
    Bounce when ya stuff ya face
    Bounce when ya stuff ya face
    Everybody bounce when ya stuff ya face

    Ya time is up, just one more go,
    But ya really really really don’t want to go home
    Two minutes more, ya off ya feet
    Curled into ya Mammy and ya fast asleep.

    Bounce in ya dreams at night
    Bounce in ya dreams at night
    Bounce in ya dreams at night
    Many happy dreams when you sleep tonight

  2. Alice

    “He’s been, he’s been” the kids they scream
    And thunder down the stairs
    The piles of gifts beneath the tree are
    Answered toyish prayers.

    First to find a box of joy
    Was Alice tall and proud
    She squealed and squawked and jumped about
    Her happiness so loud.
    But Alice wasn’t well behaved
    She wasn’t good as gold
    Because she’d been so mean to Poppy
    She got a lump of coal.

    Then Poppy found a gift so big
    It made her look real small
    She was ripping paper off off off
    Her gift it was so tall.
    And when she’d done she found a house
    That was her hearts desire
    A kitchen and a bedroom
    And a crackling log fire.

    “That’s not fair” Alice whined
    “The coal I got is bull!”
    “Why did Santa give this worm
    a house so wonderful?”
    Santa watched from far away
    He magiced up a letter
    It appeared to Alice then
    And covered her in glitter.

    “Dear Alice please take heed
    of this Christmas Day warning.
    Be nice to Poppy and your friends
    And be joyful every morning.
    I know you have the power within
    To change things for the better
    And I know you’ll do your best
    After reading this very letter.”

    Alice sat and pondered this
    She was quiet for a long hour
    A twinkle in her eye and smirk
    Proved her mood it was still sour
    She stole all of the Christmas gifts,
    and stuffed them in a rocket
    Then she fired them into outer space
    Which sent them into orbit.

    Poppy cried, and Daddy raged
    And Mum she stood agog
    Her little girl, her darling child
    Had done something so wrong.
    Alice turned and tossed her hair
    A successful vengeful mission
    She walked off then without a care
    And became a politician.

  3. Greedy Gem

    Greedy Gem sat down to lunch
    His mouth wide open ready to munch.
    He wasn’t fussed about what he ate
    He thought everything simply tasted great.

    His Mum was sick of his greedy ways
    And thought up a plan to make him pay.
    The meat she put upon his plate
    Was six months past it’s sell-by date.

    Gem didn’t care he wolfed it down
    The King of Food without a crown.
    His stomach full his eyes grew heavy
    His forehead and his hands got sweaty.

    “What’s going on?” Mum heard him mumble
    He rubbed his tummy as it rumbled.
    It danced and jumped and swirled around
    It made a marvelous whizzing sound.

    Then all went quiet inside his tum
    But it had moved down towards his bum.
    He ran as fast as his legs would go
    Down the hall and towards his throne.

    “Oh no!” he groaned, he was too late
    The rotten meat had sealed his fate.
    When just inside the bathroom door
    Poor Gem he pooped upon the floor.

    It happened fast it was so violent
    Then all at once his butt fell silent.
    He took a step then slipped and fell
    More Poopy Pete than Greedy Gem.

    Let this be a lesson for the greedy ones
    Who want to stuff and stuff their tums.
    Just eat enough and take it handy
    And then you’ll be just fine and dandy.

  4. One step

    The day isn’t always welcomed by the sun
    Sometimes it’s cloud and sideways swiping rain
    Your face not always basked by warm suns glow
    Sometimes it’s cold expands the crevasses of age and pain.

    Though crest is hidden by crag or growth
    The hills end naer moves futher from your grasp
    The minds eye drifts to times and faces past
    All futures lost to mental resignation of fate.

    From one small spark a mammoth wildfire spreads
    The gift of stubbornness oxygen to that flame
    Ignites the heart and beats within your chest
    One step and start it all again.

  5. Me Me Me Me

    To butcher Creep by wise Radiohead
    Can express the things you’ve never said
    To love oneself so much is quite an obsession
    You wish you were an angel who was so fuckin’ special.

    Instead you’re a cliché, a spectacular one
    Surrounded by strangers, and trappings, such fun
    Searching out something so precious a life
    A trail left behind of carnage and strife.

    Why won’t people just let you live as you want?
    The only real answers to that are so blunt
    Yet still you don’t listen you want to be free!
    “It’s all about me, me, me, me, me, ME!”