# Poem

  1. One step

    The day isn’t always welcomed by the sun
    Sometimes it’s cloud and sideways swiping rain
    Your face not always basked by warm suns glow
    Sometimes it’s cold expands the crevasses of age and pain.

    Though crest is hidden by crag or growth
    The hills end naer moves futher from your grasp
    The minds eye drifts to times and faces past
    All futures lost to mental resignation of fate.

    From one small spark a mammoth wildfire spreads
    The gift of stubbornness oxygen to that flame
    Ignites the heart and beats within your chest
    One step and start it all again.

  2. Me Me Me Me

    To butcher Creep by wise Radiohead
    Can express the things you’ve never said
    To love oneself so much is quite an obsession
    You wish you were an angel who was so fuckin’ special.

    Instead you’re a cliché, a spectacular one
    Surrounded by strangers, and trappings, such fun
    Searching out something so precious a life
    A trail left behind of carnage and strife.

    Why won’t people just let you live as you want?
    The only real answers to that are so blunt
    Yet still you don’t listen you want to be free!
    “It’s all about me, me, me, me, me, ME!”

  3. The Wind Blew

    I’m playing quietly, good as gold
    My dolls are doing what they’re told
    But something starts deep in my tummy
    It’s like a pain but it feels funny.

    It started low and and without grace
    Rumbling scundering gathering pace
    This sound could be a work of art
    This most ginormous thundering fart!

    The doors slammed shut, the curtains blew
    The fire went out, the cushions flew
    A howling gale consumed the room
    And whipped all things off to their doom

    The gusts died down and all went quiet
    That fart gave me an awful fright
    At least it’s done and all is well
    Oh wait, what’s that? The smell, THE SMELL!

  4. The Earwhizzles

    They hear all things said
    And pass that on to you,
    They live inside your head
    And tell you what to do.

    “Go make your bed” your Mammy said
    That’s not what they told you sure
    Instead they said to fake you’re dead
    And you dropped to the floor.

    “What’s your favourite number?”
    You teacher asks the class?
    “MY NUMBER 2S” you thunder
    The Earwhizzles laugh and gasp.

    You see they play tricks
    These people in your head
    There’s Ann, Joe and Nics,
    And Tom, and Joan, and Fred.

    They set up house inside your skull
    To laugh and joke and play
    With them around life is not dull
    They brighten up your day.

  5. Lies

    Grey skies and a solemn season,
    Within the time of mirth and cheer,
    No smiles or at best fleeting,
    Grief behind the lids shut tight.

    But not that type of this I see,
    A smorgasbord of wicked deceit,
    A web of layers intricate,
    A goal so clear the message dear.

    A cunning devil in plain sight hides,
    Plotting and planning in broad moonlight,
    Stirring, pothing, ingrained evil,
    Bred not born and heightened toll.

    Forgiveness cannot be gifted now,
    The steps past sane in thousands count,
    Down the path to unknown consequence,
    Alone on that route the bitch descends.